7 ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive while on vacation 

7 ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive while on vacation 

The most memorable time of the year has begun, eagerly awaited by many who love the December festivities, family gatherings, delicious food, and the celebration that culminates a year full of beautiful and exciting memories. Every year, we work to ensure you live unforgettable experiences at our Barefoot Luxury® ambassador resort, ATELIER Playa Mujeres, and the Holidays are one of those times when the holiday season and the characteristic Addictive Service® you enjoy during your vacations intertwine to provide you with memories filled with magic and love. In this exceptional time of the year, we want to share seven magical ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive while on vacation. 

1. ATELIER Lobby: Entering Christmas from the first step 

    From the moment you set foot in our majestic lobby, you will be greeted by the warmth of twinkling lights, the winter aroma that envelops our resort, and the gentle melody of carols playing in the background as each guest arrives. Our lobby transforms into a modern fairy tale, where every detail is carefully designed to immerse you in the Christmas essence from the very first moment. 

    2. All Suites Resort: Dreamy Nights for Christmas 

    Our suites, adorned with the elegance that sets us apart, are decorated with glimmers of Christmas lights and festive details. Imagine waking up surrounded by the splendor of a suite equipped with the best amenities and the personalized attention of our Arteleros, where every corner of your private sanctuary is meticulously designed to ensure that your stay is an unforgettable experience during the most enchanting season of the year. 

    3. Gourmet Dinner: Festive Delights in Every Bite 

    Holiday season

    Our restaurants transform into an exceptional culinary stage, where every detail, from the decoration to the presentation of the dishes, is conceived to immerse you in the very essence of celebration. For the most memorable nights of the season, our Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s dinners are actual culinary events that ensure an unforgettable Christmas gastronomic experience. 

    On Christmas Eve, enjoy an enchanting evening with a menu that celebrates the culinary traditions of the season, with modern touches that will even surprise the most discerning palates. On Christmas, the magic continues with a culinary proposal that blends the classic with the contemporary, creating an experience that leaves a lasting impression. And to welcome the New Year, our dinner is a feast of luxury that marks the beginning of a new chapter. 

    Join us for a culinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary and celebrates the season’s magic in every delicious moment. 

    4. Renewal Spa: Relax with Christmas Touches 

    Immerse yourself in a world of splendor and rejuvenation at our spa, where well-being is elevated to the level of art and serenity with each treatment. In this wellness sanctuary, Christmas becomes a sensory experience that heightens your senses and rejuvenates your being. Our range of beauty treatments, designed to enhance your natural radiance, will leave you glowing for the festivities. From rejuvenating facial treatments to body care rituals that pamper every inch of your being, each session is a personalized experience that enhances your unique beauty. In every treatment, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world where celebration and well-being converge, creating a Christmas experience that will endure long after the festive lights are dimmed. 

    5. Butler at Your Service: We Make Your Wishes Come True 

    In the art of personalized attention, our distinguished team of certified butlers becomes your accomplices in making each of your Christmas dreams come true. Imagine customizing your experience to the smallest detail, where your wishes become our primary mission. 

    Would you like to surprise your loved ones with a private dinner in an exclusive corner of our establishment? Or perhaps you dream of a night of rest under the stars, where serenity merges with the magic of the night? Whatever your desire, our team is ready to turn it into reality. 

    6. Festive Activities: Seasonal Events 

    The magic of Christmas unfolds in a symphony of experiences beyond the ordinary. From the sweet melodies of carols resonating in the air to the dazzling acrobatic circus show that paints the night sky with flashes of excitement, every corner of our resort transforms into an enchanted stage to celebrate the festive season. 

    Our programming includes music and dance events, where every step and every note are carefully choreographed to delight your senses and transport you to a world where the celebration never ends. 

    And, of course, culinary festivities must be noticed. Our exquisite Christmas dinners are authentic banquets that blend tradition with innovation, taking your palate on a culinary journey that celebrates abundance and the pleasure of sharing special moments. 

    At ATELIER Playa Mujeres, Christmas is experienced with a unique elegance and a touch of sophistication that elevates every moment into an unforgettable experience. 

    7. Gala Night: Shining on New Year’s Eve 

    At the crossroads between the past and the future, the year 2023 bids farewell with a celebration that exceeds all expectations. Join us in a gala under the stars, where elegance and festive joy converge in an experience that will unforgettably mark the beginning of 2024. The stage is tinged with magic, with the light of the stars and the sea breeze as your accomplice, providing the perfect backdrop for an evening that promises to be eternal in your memories. 

    As you indulge in these culinary delights, the gentle sound of the sea’s murmur adds a natural serenade to the evening, creating a perfect harmony between culinary art and the music of nature. Laughter, toasts, and camaraderie flow in this idyllic setting, where each moment is a precious gem in the necklace of the night. It is a celebration where elegance merges with festive joy, serving as the prelude to 2024, full of success, love, and extraordinary moments. 

    In this luxurious corner, the Christmas magic becomes an experience that embraces all your senses. Are you ready to live a holiday you will remember forever? Book now, and let us be the stage for your most precious memories this holiday season. We await you with open arms and the Christmas spirit in its fullest expression! 

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