Celebrating Holy Week and Easter in Mexico

celebrating holy week and easter in mexico

The weather is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer as the Easter holiday approaches.

In preparation for painting eggs and finding the perfect chocolate bunnies to add to the kids’ baskets, let’s see what celebrating Holy Week and Easter in Mexico is all about!

Religious Observance and Connection with Family

Mexico’s population is predominantly Catholic, like the rest of Latin America as well, so celebrating Holy Week is important. In fact, after Christmas, Easter in Mexico is probably the second most important holiday for families to gather and probably the most popular time of year for them to travel and enjoy each other’s company.

Celebrating Holy Week

Celebrating Holy Week is a tradition that has taken place around the world since the Resurrection of Christ, and Easter in Mexico tends to be a time of sincere reflection and devotion for the most religious. For others, it is an ideal time to surround themselves with loved ones and cherish a little spring break trip with the family.

Holy Week Vacations with Friends and Family

easter in mexico

Although most Mexicans are Catholic, many don’t celebrate to the fullest extent described above. Many decide to take time off work and spend it with family or friends on a fun and exciting vacation.

Holy Week is probably the time of year when more Mexicans take trips with their loved ones to bustling beach destinations with stunning coastlines to enjoy a warm and relaxing time in sandals beneath the hot sun and alongside the rolling ocean waves.

Easter and Holy Week at ATELIER · ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres

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Caribbean Chapel

caribbean chapel atelier playa mujeres

The award-winning resort property boasts a quaint Catholic Chapel, and during the religious time of year, special masses take place. That being said, Catholic couples, believing families, and anyone interested in living the spiritual experience during the special time of year are welcome to attend.

Special Activities

In addition, ATELIER · ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres always schedules a variety of fun, artistic, and interactive activities and programs for visitors of all ages to spice up their spring stay at the all-inclusive haven.

Now, if you are wanting a more cultural and educational briefing regarding the religious perspective including a look at Holy Week traditions that are still practiced today in Mexico, then keep on reading!

Traditional Holy Week Celebrations from Around the Country

As far as celebrating Holy Week in a conservative way is concerned, devout Catholics are often passionately involved in several evocative religious processions, heartfelt masses at churches, and other festivities and spiritual activities centered around the teachings, tribulations, final gatherings, betrayals, stations of the cross, and the glorious Resurrection of Jesus.

Let’s look at how the days of the special week are honored, during this heartfelt and emotional celebration as we take the time to remind ourselves about the true significance of Easter. For further insight and some spiritual uplifting, check out this message about Lent from Pope Francis for 2022 which promotes both personal and communal renewal in light of the season of recollection and revival.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the day when celebrating Holy Week officially begins. Special masses are held, where crosses are woven out of palm fronds by those who attend, and then blessed by the Priest.

Symbolism and Importance of Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a nostalgic recollection of the return of Jesus to Jerusalem days before his dramatic arrest. Upon entering the city after having spent 40 days in the desert and in isolation, he was joyously greeted by many who adored him with palm branches.

Holy Wednesday

Holy Wednesday is dedicated to remembering the Bargain of Judas, where Judas accepted payment in return for the arrest of the Savior.

The Betrayal of Judas and the 15 Candles

Typically, this day is not widely honored with grandiose processions or festivities, however, in a few churches across Mexico a reenactment of the abandonment of Jesus is carried out. Additionally, this rare mass also continues to honor the tradition, where 15 candles are lit and put out one by one following the reading of various psalms, and in the end, only one is left lit to symbolize the never-ending life and light of Christ Jesus.

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday is historically one of the most important days while celebrating Holy Week because it is the date on which the Last Supper took place, giving birth to the eating of the Holy Communion or Eucharist, and the order of priesthood among the disciples.

The Body and Blood of Christ

holy thursday the last supper

During this special day, many believers gather for a special mass and to receive the Holy Communion after the reading of the scripture describing the call of Jesus to his disciples to eat the bread and wine which he converts into his flesh and blood.

The Eucharist is one of the most important pillars of Catholicism, and the day is highly revered by billions around the globe, and by millions across the Latin American country.

Good Friday

good friday

Celebrating Holy Week entails the solemn observance of the day of the tragic crucifixion of Christ and is seen by many as one of the most important dates to participate in the activities while respectfully remembering the price paid for the sins of the world.

Fasting and Prayer

Many followers fast and pray for the duration of Good Friday, and the masses held in the evening tend to be extremely emotional and touching.

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is most typically dedicated to mourning the death of Jesus on the cross and waiting for His resurrection. Churches host an Easter Vigil and light the Easter candle. In many places statues of Mother Mary are adorned in black drapes, and representations of Judas are burned to show the rage caused by his betrayal.

Easter Sunday

easter sunday

Easter Sunday is the day when the tomb of the crucified Messiah was found empty, signifying his sanctity through his rising. Believers celebrate by attending mass at church where the story is told, and bells are rung.

Outdoor Celebration of Easter in Mexico

After leaving the churches, people flock to the streets to finally express their joy for the Resurrection of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Mexican street food is enjoyed, and people happily socialize with family, loved ones, and friends as they give thanks to God for the gift of everlasting life.

Regardless of your religious views, celebrating Holy Week and Easter in Mexico is a wonderfully incredible opportunity to experience Latin American culture at its finest while learning about the significant religious traditions still practiced today, or to simply make new friends and vibe at a chic resort that is bustling with both national and international visitors who want to relax, have a good time, and enjoy the beautiful tropical spring weather.

How do you like to celebrate Easter?

Have you ever experienced any of the traditional Holy Week celebrations, processions, or festivities in Mexico?

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