Jet Set with your Dog in Cancun!

Jet Set with your Dog in Cancun!

Traveling with your dog always sounds like a good plan, however, there are a few things you should know that will help you on planning to jet set with your dog in Cancun!

At ATELIER de Hoteles, we have a special program called Pet-It®, which is designed to make sure you have the best experience with your dog while on vacation in Cancun or Playa Mujeres.

Now, pack your bags, and get your puppy ready for take-off.  We are heading to the Mexican Caribbean!

Pet-It®: A Special Way to Enjoy a Cancun Vacation with your Dog

Now, there’s no excuse for you to leave your four-legged puppy pal at home the next time you decide to take a vacation.

Some of our resort properties are situated facing sweeping Mexican Caribbean beaches and house authentic and natural tropical settings that will be the perfect spots for you and your dog to spend some quality time together.

Splash in the turquoise waves after a morning beach stroll and take long afternoon and evening walks together.

Enjoy some of the cozy dog-friendly restaurant/café terraces with your canine companion’s comfort, or at specially designed areas.  

We’re so ready to welcome and spoil you and your doggy with ATELIER de Hoteles exclusive Handcrafted Hospitality®, one-of-a-kind services, gourmet puppy treats, exciting activities, and many other amazing amenities.  

Paw-Fectly Personalized: Pet-It®️ 

Whether you want to indulge and relax alongside the blissful Caribbean coastlines or explore all that Cancun and Playa Mujeres have to offer, ATELIER de Hoteles makes it so easy for you to bring your dog along with and give them a well-deserved, relaxing, and personalized experience at any of our resorts.

Furthermore, at ATELIER and ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres, we take canine cuteness details to whole new levels with a specially designed doggy in-suite service menu that features five scrumptious gourmet items that will keep their tails wagging all day long.

Doggy In-Suite Service at ATELIER · ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres 

Ensuring your puppy pals’ little bellies are happy too is one of our main priorities.

Like we already mentioned, Pet-It®️ offers an exquisite five-option menu that has been carefully created just for them.  

Some of these gourmet menu choices include beef fillet, chicken, and even eggs and sausage! 

That’s quite a break from the normal life of boring kibbles and bits!

It should be known as well that for your peace of mind and tranquility, we ensure well-balanced and healthy menu options for dogs by offering recipes created by dedicated chefs and verified by a veterinarian.

Sounds like a “paw-licking good time” to me!

Fun in the Sun for you and your Pup at ATELIER ∙ ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres and ÓLEO Cancún Playa

There is no lack of fun to be had while with your dog child under the tropical sun at the dazzling Mexican Caribbean Sea.

The resort will spoil them with accessories in-suite to make sure they are always entertained and comfortable.

In certain areas, you can even stroll around the resort facilities freely with your four-legged doggy companion by your side. 

If you want some healthy time apart, ATELIER · ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres also offers in-house doggysitters that are available to entertain your little buddy so that you can take a break to explore the resort, chill with some drinks in the pool, or dine at one of our great relaxing restaurants.

The “Arteleros” from all of our lovely all-inclusive resorts in Cancun are excited to meet your canine kid and are prepared to attend and take care of them the way they deserve.

Whether you give them some chill time with their new “Artelero” friend inside the suites, or at the Pet Patio, your dog is assured to have a “paw-fectly” fun and unforgettable vacation! 

Ready to Jet Set in Cancun with your dog?

Early morning beach runs, our pup-loving team, specially designed amenities, a doggy in-suite service menu, and areas for an unforgettable dog-friendly vacation in Cancun await you and your puppy pal at any of our luxurious all-inclusive properties.

About our Dog-Friendly Policies

Check out the Pet-It® Policy so you can learn more about the program and familiarize yourself with our guidelines.

After reading this, we know that you are more than excited to book your next vacation stay in Cancun with your puppy pal.

Take a peek at our current offers and deals by clicking here.

Or, for more specific, detailed, and personalized information about booking a Pet-It® reservation for your next stay at one of our ATELIER de Hoteles resorts, give us a call and we will be happy to help you plan the “paw-fect” stay for you and your canine companion!

Let us know what your favorite part is when traveling with your dog in the comments section below!

While you’re there, feel free to ask questions, and even share your thoughts with us, too!

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