Traveling Safe with Shielded Vacations

Traveling Safe with Shielded Vacations

Does taking a trip during the pandemic have you worried? Although it is important to take certain precautionary measures when traveling and leaving home nowadays due to the problems and concerns related to Covid-19, this is why ATELIER de Hoteles has developed the Shielded Vacations Program to assure you peaace of mind and safety while traveling.

Come take a look at what we are doing to make your vacation during the pandemic not only relaxing and unforgettable but also safe and responsible!

ATELIER de Hoteles always emphasizes and prioritizes the well-being of every one of our valued guests and all members of our team.

The Shielded Vacations’ “Health Squad”

At each property, ADH – ATELIER de Hoteles has designated a “Health Squad” that is responsible for constantly maintaining high standards of cleanliness and safety in all aspects and areas of the resorts to guarantee that all established prevention and hygiene protocols are strictly followed, and that visiting guests and hotel personnel are healthy, protected, and happy.

5 Areas of Focus

Under the Shielded Vacations Program, ATELIER de Hoteles has placed special focus on five different core aspects to further ensure the safety of our guests at all times:

  • Guest Areas
  • Suites
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Team Areas
  • Suppliers

Now, come check out what we are doing in each of these areas to safeguard and protect visitors and our team of Arteleros.

Guest Areas and Suites

Disinfection and cleanliness are the key to a safe, responsible, and enjoyable vacation, especially in today’s world and more importantly regarding the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For that reason, here at ATELIER de Hoteles, we have made both the Guest Common Areas and the Guest Suites two of the major focal points of the Shielded Vacations Program.

Guest Common Areas

The common areas of the hotel are of the most trafficked spaces, for that reason disinfection and sanitization of these areas is frequently carried out.

Disinfectant mats are placed at all main entrances, luggage is spayed and disinfected upon arrival, temperatures are taken, the ATELIER APP allows guests to access detailed information regarding the protocols, safety kits are gifted at the time of placing entrance bracelets, and our team practices safe distancing at all times.

You will feel the cleanliness as you wander through the lobby, the passageways, and the pool areas. Plus, you´ll frequently see our “Health Squad” carefully and meticulously sanitizing and disinfecting.


Your private suite is another place at the hotel where you spend a lot of your time, hence we take extra measures to ensure the cleanliness and disinfection of materials like bedding/linens and towels, surface areas and floors, as well as the bathroom spaces.

You can confidently put your head down while getting ready to sleep or enjoy a relaxing evening bath, knowing that all things, including your pillows and tub, are sanitized and in optimally safe conditions for your use while staying with us!

Restaurants and Bars

The Shielded Vacations Program also makes sure that you can dine and drink with ease without having to worry about your health and safety when it comes to proper food and beverage preparation and handling.

All of your kitchen and bar staff are highly trained in the protocols regarding the proper handling of edible goods. Plus, we have adopted safe distancing measures regarding seating and tables to protect you while you drink and dine

Back of House

What happens behind the scenes is just as important!

Even though you do not pass through the entire back of house world that exists at each resort property, you can trust that we are always clean, organized, sanitized, and taking every measure to ensure that the areas that are hidden from view (but play a huge role in the quality of your stay) are equally cared for.

Temperatures are checked daily of all who enter, and we have on-site medical providers to assist all operational, administrative, and office personnel to make sure they are in healthy and safe positions to carry out their duties.


The last of the five areas of concentration is about our suppliers. This is super important because we receive a lot of high-end products, materials, and edible goods from outside sources.

That being said, the inspection and health-check of drivers and deliverers, the sanitation upon delivery, and the verification of preventative and safety measures of the facility where the products come from are important implemented practices.

We want to assure you that even though you cannot see it, we do not let our guard down when it comes to behind-the-scenes operational and administrative health and safety protocols.

All in all, we want to make sure you have the best time during your stay, knowing that your protection and security are always our number one priority – especially in today’s pandemic world.

With our Shielded Vacations Program, we want you to travel with ease while also knowing that we are doing everything and more to pave you clean and disinfected resort spaces and to offer you a healthy and sanitized barefoot luxury experience at any ATELIER de Hoteles property.

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What do you think is the most important thing regarding sanitation, health, or safety when visiting a resort?

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